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Synchramed offers advanced medical practice management services that are proven to deliver valuable benefits to our doctors. If you are struggling with bad debt, poor cash flow, time consuming patient administration, then consider using the medical practice management services offered by Synchramed.

Compelling reasons to use the Synchramed practice management solution

  Hosted solution
Synchramed provides you with more than just an off-the-shelf practice management service. Instead, you will have access to a completely hosted solution, meaning you do not need to purchase any hardware or worry about backups.
  Medical aid claim administration
Synchramed takes care of your medical aid claim administration through real-time submission and verification of claims and authentication of membership details. Real-time reports and updates also ensure that you are completely aware of what is going on with your cash flow, debtors and collections. Our innovative technology and skilled staff enables you to reduce your debtors days and minimise bad debt write-offs.
   Save time
No more wasting valuable time and resources on following up with medical aids and/or patients in order to get your accounts settled.
  Industry updates
The Synchramed solution keeps abreast with all industry requirements, so you’ll always have access to the latest updates in terms of new/old medical aids, tariff changes and stock changes. This means you reduce the time spent on administration and can focus on managing your practice
  Easy implementation
Our professional project management will ensure that you have a smooth transition to the new system. Our highly skilled support desk is also an email or a phone call away should you need assistance with using the software.
  Access your data anywhere, anytime
The Synchramed solution is completely cloud-based. This means you can securely and confidentially access your database and other relevant information from anywhere in the world!